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Stiles cries and kisses a lot in this season of Teen Wolf.

I also see that he is the one who gets through a lot of things more than the rest.

Stiles is like the center of everything.

What the hell is that?

I love it.

CT: I got you, trust me.

I don’t mind who will win this week challenge, what I am interested in is how they stick their head together like that.

What are you doing CT? :))

Okay, whatever, I just CAN’T stand the way Wes reacts to your… fucking stripping thing! <3

I don’t know why, I’m just getting more and more losing interested in Teen Wolf. It could be because I don’t have Sterek feels anymore. Not because I don’t like them, just because… I think that Derek likes the teacher more than Stiles. (And yeah I know Sterek is not canon but Dennifer is)

Anyway, this week episode, finally Derek meets Stiles again. And Stiles TOUCHING Derek’s shoulders. That makes me happy. I don’t need anything more, just be like that for a while, can you Sterek? :(

That TOUCHING makes my day.

Trey &amp; Zach, kinda cute moment.

Trey & Zach, kinda cute moment.

I totally do not want to think that Bello is going to do something to Mike when he stares at him on the sofa, and they are watching movie together! But shit, you know what, I think about that all the time! Because when Mike and Bello are watching movie together, Charlie and Briggs are making out somewhere else at the same time. God! I like Briggs/Mike, but it’s funny to watch.

P/S: I do not ship Mikello, but… that scene is kinda cute to me. Bello has believed in Mike too much, he is gonna regret it sooner or later.

You know what, I just start watching The Challenge a week ago after I saw the sneak peek of Rivals II. Then I start watching Rival I to see what had happened in the past. Then it turns out that I like CT & Wes’ chemistry. They really dislike each other, that’s what I need. In the 1st episode of Rivals II, they don’t even look at each other’s eyes much, there is still no chemistry here, but I’m hoping for that to happen.

But after I watch Rival II 1st episode, I really like the chemistry between Trey & Zach. They are the worst enimies, but they did great, and Zach said he believed Trey then. Oh that’s a good sign for a relationship! Hope there will be a sexual tension here. Hehe, just what I want.